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  • Why Am I Breaking Out THERE?!?! - Answers to acne and breakouts on forehead, cheeks, chin & neck

    On a daily basis, I meet and treat the beautiful faces of women and men of all ages and ethnicity.  The NUMBER ONE question I get - "Why am I breaking out THERE?!".  Yes ladies and gents, I dont care how genetically blessed you are in the skin department, how many salads you eat, how many facials you get, a big ugly pimple (or lots o pimples) will eventually grace your lovely face.  Im here to educate you on why, and how to help...

    Please meet my lovely model for the day:

    I think she looks like a Bianca...or a Svetlana...something very bitchy and fabulous.  In any case, she will be your guide to the zones of our face where breakouts occur.  Keep in mind that there are a million outside forces that can clog and pollute your pores - makeup, smoke, product, etc., but this is all about whats happening internally.

    Zones 1, 2 & 3 - Your Forehead.  Ugh, probably one of the worst and most unsightly areas to have a pimple. Its just right there, waving at everyone HELLO!!  This area relates directly to your liver, bladder and digestive system so its aggrevated most by - you guessed it - DIET. Especially if youre not drinking enough water. Its also greatly effected by alcohol consumption, rich or unhealthy foods, or even a food allergy (lactose intolerance is a big one).So if youre having trouble in this area - ditch the shit food, ease up on the partying and flush with good old H2O.  If that doesnt work, you might want to get tested for food allergies.

    Zones 4 & 10 - Ears. Funny place for a pimple, but this also goes for redness, inflamation, heat and sensitivity - which go hand in hand with breakouts.  This area is closely related to your kidneys so you might be stressing them out. Drink tons of water to flush them and cut down on the caffeine and alcohol. 

    Zones 5 & 9 - Cheeks! How annoying is a zit on your cheek? Stresses you out right? Well stoppit because thats exactly why youre breaking out there - stress. Internal stress, allergies, smoking, and you know, life in general. So take a chill pill and get a nice relaxing facial.

    Zones 6 & 8 - Eyes. Got dark circles? This area is related directly to the kidneys so although the darkness might be hereditary, they are made worse by dehydration and poor elimination.  Drink more water and get things moving people!

    Zone 7 - Nose.  Diet can cause breakouts but a very red nose can also be related to high blood pressure.  Breakouts around your upper lip is usually product - lipstick, lip balm, a fresh wax followed buy touching your skin with dirty hands.

    Zones 11,12,13 & 14 - Chin, Jawline & Neck.  Everyones favorite.  If you are a "period breakout" girl you know what I mean.  Breakouts on your chin SUCK. They hurt, everything turns red, no amount of cover up will ever be enough. What can we do for this area? Unfortunately, this is the "hormone zone" and if you dont breakout here at least once a month you are incredibly lucky.  The best thing you can do is have this area "zapped" with the high frequency machine during a facial and/or treat it with a good at home sulfur mask.  I use a sulfur srub/mask combo a few days before my period, just apply and let it sit while I shower or watch TV for 20-30 mins.  This really helps to kill the bacteria forming under the surface before it gets a chance to even come up for air. If you tend to only get one or two during your cycle, this might help to eliminate the undergrounders all together. 

    My two absolute favorite sulfur based masks:

    Epicuren Discovery Clarify Polishing Mask - 

    Bioelements Amino Mask - 


    I have found that once my clients know whats happening on the inside they can start to work on the outside.  Everyone deserves to have a fresh, clear complexion.  Your body is a temple people, so show it some love!

    xoxo, Tasia

    Licensed Esthetician, Makeup Artist & Massage Therapist